What Type of Cabinet Glass Should You Use?

Cabinet glass provides a great option to spice up your kitchen, especially during renovations. Consider new cabinet glass for an upgrade rather than traditional wooden cabinets. Glass represents a more dynamic design that elevates the aesthetics of the kitchen. When looking for cabinet glass choices, a variety of glass types come into play. In today’s blog post, Ryan’s all-glass discusses some of those choices. 

Traditional Glass

Traditional glass is the most common type found in glass cabinets. It’s the same glass in your windows or mirrors. It might be a different thickness and a different cut compared to windows and mirrors, but the glass itself will be very similar in design. Traditional glass is typically the most affordable option and the easiest to find. 

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass comes in handy for kitchens because of its heat-resistant properties and safety advantages. You usually find tempered glass in oven doors and coffee pots due to its ability to resist high temperatures. Cell phone manufacturers also use this kind of glass for phone screens because it isn’t easily scratched or damaged. 

Sturdiness makes tempered glass a perfect cabinet glass option. Unlike windows or mirrors, you and your family are more likely to accidentally slam or bump into cabinet doors. Using tempered glass may prevent your cabinet glass from shattering or getting damaged. Tempered glass is especially helpful for kitchen islands that have cabinet glass at the base since people’s feet may bump into the cabinets. 

Decorative Glass

You may decide you want cabinet glass for aesthetic reasons. In this case, decorative glass might be the way to go. Choose from a variety of decorative glass styles, from textured glass to colored glass. If you are especially adventurous, think about installing stained glass for your cabinets. Decorative cabinet glass represents the best option for homeowners who want to add some design value to kitchen cabinets. 

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