Avoid These 5 Mistakes Before Cleaning Up Glass

5 Most Common Mistakes When Cleaning Up Broken Glass

Sweeping up broken glass into a green dustpan

Sometimes accidents happen and glass breaks. Before you reach for that broom and dustpan, read this blog to discover the 5 most common mistakes made when cleaning up broken glass. When it comes to crushed light bulbs and shattered glasses, here’s where you can go wrong!

#1 Reaching for the Broom

Although you can quickly sweep up all glass shards with a broom and dustpan, tiny glass pieces can easily be trapped within the brooms’ bristles. These small pieces can come loose later on, potentially harming you and your family. If you must use a broom, clean the bristles thoroughly afterward or throw it away.

#2 Reaching for the Vacuum

Before you plug in that vacuum, consider the effect sharp glass can have on your machine. Once glass shards are sucked inside, fragments can remain in the hose and fall out once your vacuum is turned off, leaving you with harmful glass pieces throughout the house.

If glass has broken on a shaggy carpet, use a small disposable scrubbing brush to agitate the fibers and work the glass out instead.

#3 Not Putting on Shoes

Another common error in cleaning up broken glass pieces is forgetting to put on shoes first. One wrong step and a glass shard can pierce your foot. To avoid an unnecessary trip to the ER, we recommend hard soled shoes before you take any further steps.

#4 Not Wearing Gloves

The best way to protect your hands against accidental cuts and scrapes is to wear gloves. Gloves can help you grip the glass and dispose of it safely, especially with the larger shards of glass. Gardening gloves, rubber gloves, and work gloves will all get the job done!

#5 Not Taking Out the Trash

When all glass has been carefully picked up and discarded into the trash, the last mistake often made is not taking out the trash immediately. Forgetting this important step could harm a friend or family member, so it’s best to discard of the glass completely by removing the trash from your home.

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Knowing how to properly clean and dispose of glass will come in handy.  Remember to avoid the broom and vacuum, protect yourself with gloves and shoes, and take out the trash! For more great tips and tricks like these, check out our blog page! Or visit our website for our expert glass-repair services here.