Common Places You’ll Find Curtain Walls

Curtain wall

Building development involves finding the right materials for both the interior and exterior of the structure. Designers face many aesthetic and architectural challenges regarding a building’s exterior. A curtain wall on the outside of a structure solves some of the problems involved in building development. Curtain walls are an exterior wall system constructed of glass and metal structural elements such as aluminum, steel, or titanium. These walls provide a variety of benefits, including lightweight construction and aesthetic appeal. In today’s blog post, Ryan’s all-glass explains some of the most common places you may find curtain walls. 


Hotels can be pretty big in larger cities. Just look at the beautiful downtown skyline of Cincinnati! Hotels are big business, which is why the owners are very concerned about how the building looks. These buildings often don’t have a traditional exterior wall system. They want an exterior that plays with the light, creates impressive views, and wows customers. Curtain walls create amazing results, time and again, for the most beautiful hotels in the world. These systems work well because guests can look out their floor-to-ceiling window with unobstructed views high above the city. Some hotels even feature curtain systems and balconies within their rooms.

Office Buildings

Office buildings are, far and away, the most common places where you see curtain walls. Modern skyscrapers in downtown Cincinnati are replete with these kinds of designs. Because these systems are lightweight, they represent a safe and sensible option for skyscrapers and taller buildings. While some office buildings still use traditional exterior walls, such as brick or masonry, most utilize curtain systems. 

Car Dealerships

One natural benefit of curtain wall systems is the visibility they provide. For a car dealership, this visibility is highly valuable. Car dealerships can place show vehicles inside the building behind curtain glass, so potential customers can see the vehicles as they pass by outside. Buildings for car dealerships rarely contain anything other than glass curtain walls, simply because car buying starts with a dynamic visual presentation. There is nothing more important to a dealership than the visibility to make a fantastic first impression, and curtain systems are the perfect solution. 

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