Glass Repair Service: How Does Glass Tinting Work?

Home glass tinting

Most people think about car windows when it comes to glass tinting. However, home windows also benefit from tinting. Residential glass tinting provides several benefits and can even save you money in the long run. Today, the glass repair service experts at Ryan’s all-glass discuss glass tinting and give a few tips.

Is Glass Tinting Beneficial?

Glass tinting offers many benefits when it comes to home windows. Most notably, glass tinting can help you save money on your energy bills. Window tinting reduces the heat and light that pass through your glass windows. Even slight tinting can block UV rays and keep your home cooler during the summer without the assistance of your air conditioner. Glass tinting works to retain interior heat during the winter, which keeps heat inside of your home rather than letting it escape through your windows.

What Are the Different Glass Tinting Options?

There are a variety of different window film options, and each one provides specific benefits. Solar tinting is recommended when you want to improve energy efficiency. This film is moderately thick and can block up to 99% of UV rays. There are also decorative films whose primary purpose is to add aesthetic design effects to your windows. These films are the thinnest, especially when compared to security film. Security films protect your windows from impacts and storm damage, while also providing UV-blocking solar tint benefits.

How Does Glass Tinting Removal or Repair Work?

One of the cons of glass tinting is removing the film. Some films can be challenging to remove and can even harm the window if misapplied — then you need a glass repair service. It is also difficult to repair glass tint film when the window in question is damaged. Typically, you need to replace the film entirely if there’s damage. It’s also important to remember that not all films are compatible with all windows. Incompatibility of a film with window glass can lead to damage and the need for glass repair service. 

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