How to Prevent Your Frameless Shower Doors from Scratching

Frameless shower door

When renovating or building a bathroom, frameless shower doors are a great option to consider for your design. Not only are they easier to clean and give you more flexibility, but they are also more aesthetically pleasing than other shower enclosure choices. However, there are some cons to having a frameless enclosure. The most notable one is the possibility of scratches appearing on the door. In today’s blog, Ryan’s all-glass examines the best ways to prevent scratches to your frameless shower doors.

What Should You Know About Scratches?

Different kinds of scratches can affect your shower door. The severity of the scratch depends on its depth. Most scratches are minor, and you’ll likely have some minor scratches over the entire life of a frameless shower door. Minor scratches are not easily noticeable. Moderate, heavy, and extreme scratches could cause more significant problems.

How Can You Prevent Scratches?

One of the best ways to prevent scratches is to clean your frameless shower doors frequently. However, it’s important to use the right rag and cleaners. Homeowners can unintentionally scratch their glass by using napkins or paper towels instead of microfiber cloths to clean frameless shower enclosures. Another way to prevent scratches is to keep an eye on your children and pets. Keeping toys out of the bathroom can prevent scratches. Keeping your bathroom door closed so that pets can’t get in will also help prevent scratches. 

How Can You Repair Scratches?

If your frameless shower door is scratched, there are ways to repair those scratches. The question is whether or not you need professional help to do so. Feel free to repair minor scratches with do-it-yourself solutions like clear nail polish and even toothpaste. However, you may need professional help to repair more significant scratches. If the scratches are large enough, a professional glass installer might suggest an outright replacement. An experienced glass company like Ryan’s all-glass can help you navigate the problem of scratches on your shower door and find the right solution.

Contact Ryan’s all-glass for Frameless Shower Doors

Talk to Ryan’s all-glass about a frameless shower door for your bathroom. Our experienced technicians can suggest the right course of action for your shower enclosure. For more information on what we have to offer, give us a call at (513) 771-4440 or contact us online for more information.

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