What Are Curtain Walls?


A building’s exterior is crucial to its functionality and design. The exterior plays a vital role in the structural integrity of your building, and it also protects the interior from the elements. Beyond these practical considerations, a building’s exterior also elevates the aesthetic value of the property. A building’s exterior’s design is an irreplaceable asset for your company because it builds a strong first impression for customers. One way to make a memorable first impression is through a curtain wall. In today’s blog, Ryan’s all-glass discusses what curtain walls are and how they are used. 

What Is a Curtain Wall?

Curtain wall systems are constructed out of glass and aluminum. Curtain walls essentially look like all-glass walls, providing a lightweight and dynamic exterior for your building. You’ve probably seen this design on skyscrapers or impressive buildings in downtown Cincinnati. Think of Queen City Tower, and you know what we mean. 

Architects put curtain walls on skyscrapers because they are lighter compared to brick or other masonry materials. Unlike other exterior walls, curtain walls are not structural. They carry their own weight and allow the interior structure to do most of the hard work. 

What Are the Benefits of a Curtain Wall?

One of the most significant benefits of curtain walls is the lack of structural dependence. Rather than using a heavier material for an exterior, like brick or masonry, a curtain system lightens the load. Lighter building materials indicate cost savings to building owners. Curtain walls resist harsh weather conditions, provide a high-quality thermal barrier, and allow natural sunlight to come through. They are also extremely versatile in terms of aesthetic design, providing your business with customizable style for the exterior of the building. 

Who Should Use Them?

Businesses are the most common place where you find curtain walls. On the ground level, curtain walls allow you to have dynamic displays to showcase your products. They also enable clients to see into your building before entering. Curtain systems create a great first impression on customers and provide general aesthetic value to your building. They are also commonly used on skyscrapers because they are lightweight and more affordable compared to masonry. Consider a curtain wall system for an economical exterior design on your building. 

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