Cleaning Tips for Your Storefront Windows

Storefront window display

Your storefront window may be the first impression you make on potential customers who pass by your business, particularly if you have a beautiful display or colorful signage. One of the biggest mistakes your business can make with storefront windows is failing to keep storefront displays clean. Foggy or dirty windows are noticeable. They’re also easily fixed. Ryan’s all-glass takes a look at some of the best cleaning tips for your storefront display to ensure your business makes a great first impression. 

Use the Right Equipment

The most common mistake made when cleaning windows, and the easiest one to avoid, is using the wrong equipment. Cleaning windows with the wrong rag or cleaning solvent can leave streaks and make your storefront windows harder to clean in the future. It’s tricky to find the right tools to clean your storefront display because of how big the surface of the glass is. A strip washer coupled with the right solvent offers a great way to clean the window. After cleaning, the best way to dry your windows is with a squeegee. 

Dry Correctly

You must dry your windows properly when you clean them, especially the side that is facing the street. If you don’t, debris and particles can accumulate, and streaks may remain once the window dries. A squeegee is the best way to dry your windows because it covers a lot of surface area and it’s easy to use. Once you finish with the squeegee, get rid of any additional liquid left behind. A microfiber cloth is one option, but take care to wipe the glass consistently and avoid wiping areas that are already dry. In fact, dabbing your window after squeegeeing is more effective because it simply absorbs any leftover water and does not leave behind streaks. 

Don’t Neglect the Inside 

Another easy mistake to make when cleaning storefront windows is to neglect the inside of the window. Naturally, the street-facing side of the window accumulates more debris and grime, simply because it’s outdoors. However, that doesn’t mean dust and grime don’t collect on the inside of the pane. Neglecting to clean the inside of the window can negate the work you do on the outside of the display. 

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