Custom Glass: Benefits of Tabletop Glass

Glass dining room table

If you want a stylish coffee table, dining room table, or end table, tabletop glass is a unique option to enhance the appearance of your table and your home. There is a variety of different benefits for tabletop glass, particularly with the addition of custom glass options. Ryan’s all-glass discusses some of those benefits and gives some insight into why custom glass tabletops are a good option for your home. 

Easy to Clean

If you have a dining room table or coffee table, chances are very good that you’ll eventually have a spill on the surface from food or drink. The question is, how will you clean it? More importantly, is your table built to fight stains and surface damage? Cleaning spills is easier with a custom glass table compared to any table on the market today. When you spill a drink, all you need is a dry cloth and some water to clean it up. No stains and no absorption into the table. Surface cleaning is far easier with tabletop glass than it is for wood surfaces, whether you are wiping up a spill or simply performing everyday cleaning.

Design Versatility

Tabletop glass is versatile, regardless of what room you want it in. Glass tabletops open up the room and don’t have to conform to a specific color scheme or design theme. Glass tabletops fit into any design scheme of any room. Better yet, if you just want to add a glass tabletops to an existing table, you don’t have to worry about modifying the table itself. You can still achieve the same design as before it had clear glass. 

Tabletop Glass Can Protect Your Furniture

The sun can damage your furniture, even indoors. That’s because sunlight shines in through your windows. Tinted tabletop glass protects wood furniture from harmful UV rays. It can even prolong the life of your wood furniture. Along with sun protection, tabletop glass also protects your furniture from drink rings, spills, and scratches. You won’t need to stress if someone forgets to use a coaster or if you have kids eating food on your custom glass tabletops.

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