Glass Repair Service for Hopper Windows

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Glass repair services are often routine, because most windows in newer homes have similar designs. However, a hopper window is one of the instances where glass repair services or replacements get tricky for homeowners. While not as common as in the past, hopper windows can be a hassle to repair. In fact, you may find it’s more beneficial to replace the hopper window completely rather than repair it. In today’s blog post, Ryan’s all-glass discusses glass repair service options for single and double hopper windows. 

What Are Hopper Windows?

Hopper windows are a style of window commonly seen in older homes. A hopper window pivots out from the top or bottom of the frame, often through a crank. Instead of going up, down, or sideways, a hopper window juts out a few inches from the frame. Hopper windows are suitable for compact spaces and are often used in bathrooms or basements. These windows either come in a double hopper or single hopper design. With double hopper windows, both window panes can open. With single hopper windows, the top window pane remains in place while the bottom window pane opens. Some single hopper windows don’t have a second pane at all. 

Why Are They Hard to Repair?

The problem that typically comes with hopper windows when it comes to glass repair services is the frame. Traditional hopper windows are not as common as your typical hung windows, making it difficult to maintain, repair, and replace the frame. They also need to be able to close tightly in order to maintain airtight and watertight seals, something that isn’t typically a problem with traditional windows. Replacing broken glass on modern designs is pretty straightforward. However, your hopper window must close precisely to function correctly. That’s why these types of repairs are tricky. 

How Are Hopper Windows Repaired? 

You can repair your hopper window on your own in some instances. If you are having issues opening your window, some lubricating oil on the hinge might be an easy solution. However, when you are dealing with a window that isn’t holding tight enough, repairs are more complicated. Fixing these windows is also more urgent because a window that doesn’t close tight enough can let cold or hot air inside. Leaky air seals increase your utility costs. 

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Hopper windows are not all that common, especially in modern homes. But if you need glass repair service for your hopper windows, Ryan’s all-glass can help. For more information on the glass repair services we offer, give us a call at (513) 771-4440 or contact us online for more information.