What Are the Best Tub and Shower Enclosures?

Shower and tub enclosure

Shower and tub combinations have become quite common in homes across America. They are great for families with young children, and they make good use of limited space. However, you might have trouble finding the perfect enclosure for your tub and shower combo. In today’s blog post, Ryan’s all-glass discusses tub and shower enclosures. We will examine common basic enclosures as well as the best enclosures available on the market. 

Basic Curtains

Basic curtains represent the most common type of enclosure for most bathrooms that have a tub and shower combination. While this option isn’t aesthetically pleasing, curtains do provide a variety of benefits. Curtains are very affordable compared to other options. They also don’t require the same level of maintenance that glass options require. Rather than cleaning glass enclosures weekly, you only need to wash curtains once a month or as needed. 

Curtains do have drawbacks when compared to other shower enclosures. They provide little to no aesthetic value, so they aren’t a good choice if you want a beautiful bathroom design. Compared to glass enclosures, curtains don’t do a good job of preventing water from escaping the shower area, resulting in wet floors. The extra moisture on the floors can accumulate and cause mold growth. Water may also seep into the floor itself and cause structural damage.

Sliding Doors

After curtains, shower enclosure choices can get tricky, and they’re less common than plain plastic curtains. However, you do have affordable options that can improve the design and aesthetic of your bathroom shower and tub combo. Sliding doors for tub and shower enclosures are fairly easy to install, and they can contribute to a beautiful bathroom design. The benefits of sliding doors are easy to see when compared to curtains. Sliding glass doors offer a stylish addition to your bathroom, especially when Ryan’s all-glass installs them. This type of enclosure also seals off your tub and shower, keeping water in the enclosure until you open the door and step out.

Swinging Door

Swinging shower doors are the most luxurious option for homeowners with a tub and shower combination. Swinging doors work best for compact bathrooms or smaller tubs. Most importantly, swinging doors improve the aesthetics of the room compared to other shower enclosures. Ryan’s all-glass can work with you to install the perfect swinging door for your shower enclosure. 

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