Vanity Mirror Design Trends to Keep an Eye On

Just as many people stay up-to-date on kitchen, bedroom, and living room design trends, homeowners should research current bathroom trends. In 2019, there are several different trends that you should keep your eye on, especially if you are building a new home or upgrading your current bathroom. In today’s blog post, Ryan’s all-glass focuses on vanity mirror design trends for 2019 that you might look into if you are renovating your bathroom.

Full-Length Bathroom Mirrors

One of the fastest-growing vanity mirror trends on the market today is the full-length bathroom mirror. Full-length vanity mirrors are perfect for bathrooms with multiple vanities because it is more aesthetically pleasing than two mirrors. If you have room on your wall for a full-length mirror, this can also save you money by only installing one large mirror rather than two smaller ones when you have multiple vanities. One step below a fully mirrored wall, a full-length mirror is a beautiful addition to any renovated or new bathroom.

Sleek Vanity Mirrors

Bathrooms and homes in general tap into minimalistic design trends in 2019 that carried over from 2018. For that reason, sleeker vanity mirrors are peaking in popularity and bringing a variety of options to the table. These mirrors typically take up less space than other, bigger mirror options and also provide that sleek, minimalistic style that so many homeowners are looking for. You can go with vanity mirrors that are sleek in stature or design, with frameless double mirrors a standard option in modern bathrooms.

Another design option for this style trend is a circle or custom cut shaped mirrors that offer the same sleek look in a different shape. Rather than ordinary rectangles or squares, go for vanity mirrors that have angled corners.

Antique Mirrors

While minimalism and modernism are growing bathroom design trends, antique mirrors are also increasing in popularity. Antique vanity mirrors can bring an elegant touch to your bathroom if you want a Victorian look in your bathroom. You can go with an antique mirror with a gold, silver, or bronze frame, depending on what color scheme you are working with.

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