Custom Glass: Tabletop Glass for Your Home or Office

For anybody looking to add a unique element to their home or office, custom glass fixtures are always a beautiful option. One gorgeous custom glass feature is tabletop glass. Tabletop glass is unique because it can be used in a variety of different rooms, it can fit with many different design aesthetics, and it is perfect for the home or the office. Ryan’s all-glass discusses tabletop glass and what makes it a great custom glass feature. 

Tabletop Glass at Home

Custom glass tabletops have long been popular among homeowners, and they are one of the most stylish pieces for a modern or classic appearance. Whether you want a coffee table, an end table, or a dining room table, a custom glass surface brings a unique look to any space. Ryan’s all-glass works with tabletop glass and other custom glass features to bring your home to life. Tabletop glass pieces are versatile and able to blend in with any room design. Modern pieces gleam in the sun with rounded edges, while traditional glass features have wood along the edges.

Tabletop Glass at the Office

When it comes to daily life at the office, you always want to make a strong statement when clients come to visit. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. For many potential clients, your office is their first impression. Tabletop glass conference room tables are a great way to impress prospects and clients, especially when making presentations. They also improve the office experience for your employees. A good conference room is a crucial part of office productivity; a custom glass tabletop makes your meetings more engaging thanks to an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Custom Glass Options

Tabletop glass items are unique pieces for a home or office, but a custom glass table takes it to the next level. Whether you want a standard cut or you need a size that isn’t readily available, Ryan’s all-glass works with you to find the perfect item for your home or office. Custom tables leave guests and potential clients with a wonderful impression of your home or business. 

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Custom Glass Pieces for Your New Home

If you are building a new home, there are a lot of fixtures and pieces that can go into your residential space. From kitchen cabinets and shower enclosures to handrails and ceiling fans, the list goes on when you are building a house from the ground up. A custom glass feature could be what takes your dream home to the next level. In today’s blog post, Ryan’s all-glass examines some custom glass pieces that are perfect for your new home.

Shower Enclosures

Ryan’s all-glass has a variety of shower enclosure options for your new bathroom, including frameless, semi-frameless, and sliding shower doors. Our Dublin frameless series has a wide range of custom options if you want to create the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom. These shower enclosures are the most elegant and luxurious on the market. We can use our tempered safety glass to build shower doors of all shapes and sizes to accommodate your bathroom.

Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass, otherwise known as a backsplash, is a custom glass feature that is growing in popularity for kitchen and bar areas. Back painted glass provides a splash of color or unique patterns in your kitchen or bar area. At Ryan’s all-glass, our backsplashes come in a variety of different colors and patterns, making this an excellent option for new homes and kitchens. You can design a backsplash that is perfect for the kitchen in your new home, whether you want one that looks like red brick, a beautiful multicolored mosaic, or minimalist tile.


Every home needs a variety of different mirrors. From bathroom mirrors to bedroom mirrors and mirrored walls, the options are endless. At Ryan’s all-glass, we offer a variety of custom glass options for mirrors, with broken mirror replacement if something happens during the moving process. We provide custom cut pieces that give you any number of options for your new home. We will even take the measurements for you and help you find the perfect mirror for your bathroom or bedroom.

If you want to go even further, Ryan’s also provides mirrored walls as a great addition to new homes. Mirrored walls automatically brighten a room while creating the illusion of having more space in a particular area.  

Cabinet Glass

For kitchens, bars, and display areas, cabinet glass plays a vital role in your storage space. There are various ways to utilize custom glass in these applications. If your new home will have a bar, glass cabinets can make for an eye-catching feature. For more traditional applications like kitchen cabinets and shelves, custom glass aligns those features with the overall style of your kitchen.

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Why Custom Glass Is Perfect for Your Home

If you own your home, there is a good chance that you will, at some point, sell it and move into another home. When it comes time to sell your home, you want it to have increased in value from when you first bought it. So, how can you accomplish this goal?

A great way to increase home value is by investing in renovations and additions to your home, which may be as extensive as a complete remodel or as simple as adding a custom glass feature. In today’s blog post, Ryan’s all-glass will look at why a custom glass piece is a good value for your home.

Custom Glass Looks Better

Plain and simple, custom glass pieces look better than ordinary glass pieces. The single biggest benefit of a custom piece is the aesthetic improvement that it will provide for your home. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, customizing the materials will improve the aesthetic appeal of the final results. Better yet, you can customize a wide variety of features, from small things like mirrors to large scale projects like cabinets or bars.

Custom Pieces Add Value

The best way to improve the value of your home is to update your design. This can be tricky because trends change often, so it’s important to keep those trends in mind when adding custom glass. The master bathroom and the kitchen are among the rooms that will have the biggest impact on a buyer being interested in your home, and custom glass features can be a great selling point. Pieces like custom shower doors, vanity mirrors, or cabinets will make your home stand out from the rest.

Custom Glass Makes Renovations Easier

One of the most difficult aspects of major renovations or updates is lining out the dimensions. When it comes to kitchens or bathrooms, you only have a certain amount of space. Particularly with bathrooms, you lose space when you are forced to use standardized glass features for your vanity or shower. However, with custom glass pieces, you have more flexibility and you can open up space more easily.

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How Is Back Painted Glass Made?

Custom glass pieces are a great way to brighten up your kitchen and add to the value of your home. One of the better custom pieces available is back painted glass, or what is commonly known as a glass backsplash. Backsplashes, in general, aren’t always difficult to create because many of them are made out of materials like tile. However, a back painted glass backsplash is more difficult and requires help from professionals. In today’s blog post, Ryan’s all-glass will explain how back painted glass is made.

What Is Back Painted Glass?

Back painted glass, or backsplash, is glass that has been painted on the back side of the pane. This feature uses the reflective quality of glass, similar to mirrors. With a mirror, reflective metal is put behind the clear glass, which allows you to see your reflection. With backsplashes, the back side of the glass is painted so that the glass doesn’t lose its reflective translucence, but still appears to be a solid color or a variety of colors.

How Is Back Painted Glass Prepared?

A manufacturer will begin with a sheet of glass that has been cut to the specifications of the customer. From there, the glass will be cleaned of any debris and the front edges will be taped off to prevent debris from getting embedded in the paint. The glass is then laid flat on its face and the paint is applied to the backside in the specific pattern or design that is required.

After multiple coatings, the paint is allowed to dry. Often, the manufacturer will allow the piece to bake in an oven to ensure the best possible adhesion between the paint and the glass surface.

Can I Make A Custom Backsplash Myself?

In short, yes, you can make a custom backsplash yourself. However, can be very difficult to make professional-looking back painted glass yourself. The manufacturing process of back painted glass is quite complicated, and even if you are able to do it on your own, you are much more likely to come out with a high-quality piece if you allow a company like Ryan’s all-glass handle the production.

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How Custom Glass Handrails Can Impact Your Business

How Custom Glass Handrails Impact Your Business

Custom glass handrail

If you own a business, your workspace is one of the most important parts of your day-to-day operation. Style and functionality are important, regardless of the kind of business you are running. If you have a business where your customers are regularly inside your workspace, it becomes even more important. Custom glass handrails are a great way to make the right impression. In today’s blog post, Ryan’s All-Glass will look at some ways that glass handrails can impact your business.

Fully Customizable

The most important aspect of custom glass handrails is customization, because no project is a cookie cutter project. You may have unique specifications for your home or workspace that have to be met for a custom glass handrail to be useful at your business. At Ryan’s All-Glass, our custom glass options allow our customers to create the perfect design to match their business needs.

Increased Durability

While custom glass handrails are there to make an impression on clients, they are also there to serve a very practical purpose. The handrails offered at Ryan’s All-Glass are some of the highest quality handrails on the market, both when it comes to durability and safety. If you are looking for a safe and beautiful addition to the stairway in your workspace, few things are a better solution than a custom glass handrail.

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If you are looking for a way to make an impression on your clients, a glass handrail could be the perfect solution. For more information on the offerings at Ryan’s All-Glass, give us a call at (513) 771-4440 or contact us online today.

Three Benefits of Back Painted Glass

Here are Three Benefits of Back Painted Glass

Kitchen with back painted glass

If you are looking for a feature to take your kitchen or bathroom to the next level, back painted glass is a great solution. Most notably found in kitchens, back painted glass backsplashes give your kitchen an elegant touch that is found in few other features. There are a variety of custom glass features that can liven up your home, but few will do it as well as back painted glass. In today’s blog, Ryan’s All-Glass will look at three major benefits of back painted glass.  


The most obvious benefit of a backsplash is the design aspect. There are few design elements more elegant and subtle than a backsplash. Depending on the color of your kitchen or bathroom, back painted glass can bring out the colors of the room brilliantly, in a way that no other feature can. The Ryan’s All-Glass selection of backsplashes is among the best in the area, with professional customization options to make it a perfect fit for your home.

You can choose from a number of different colors at Ryan’s All-Glass to give your kitchen or bathroom a luxurious custom glass style.

Easy Installation

Another benefit of back painted glass is the ease that comes with the installation. Many custom glass features are difficult to install. For example, installing a custom shower enclosure can be a lengthy process. However, backsplashes are often short and sweet when it comes to installation. The ease of installation makes this custom glass feature a great bang for your buck as well as a fantastic design feature in your home.


Everybody loves versatility and few custom glass features are as versatile as custom backsplashes. With so many customization options, you can find the back painted glass solution that is perfect for your home without having to spend valuable time and energy looking for the right option. At Ryan’s All-Glass, we can walk with you every step of the way to find the right option for your home.

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Perfect Custom Glass Features for Your Bathroom

Here are Perfect Custom Glass Features for Your Bathroom

Glass bathroom sink

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, custom glass options are a great feature to consider for your design. Whether you want to add style to your vanity or update your shower design, custom glass features will always be among the best options. In today’s blog, Ryan’s All-Glass will discuss perfect custom glass features for your bathroom project.


When it comes to custom glass products for your bathroom, the mirror is a great place to start. While there are other glass features in a bathroom, few are used as often as the mirror. A custom glass mirror provides a stylish focal point for the space, adding remarkable depth and beauty.

At Ryan’s All-Glass, we offer custom cutting for unique mirror designs, so you can create the perfect style for your perfect bathroom.


While mirrors are the best place to begin when choosing custom glass features for a bathroom, a glass shower has the potential to be a more beautiful addition — especially if your current design employs a plastic shower curtain. A glass shower enclosure opens up the space and will improve the overall design of the room. If you want to take your style a step further, you can choose a frameless glass shower design, which is a completely glass shower enclosure requiring no metal or plastic frames.

Glass Repair

While new custom glass features are a great addition to the style of your bathroom, your current glass pieces might just need some improvements or repairs. At Ryan’s All-Glass, we can repair all of the glass elements in your bathroom, from cracked mirrors to fogged windows. Whatever glass repair needs you may have, the experts at Ryan’s All-Glass are prepared to make your bathroom look good as new.

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If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, custom glass features are a great way to improve the overall design and quality. For more information on what Ryan’s All-Glass has to offer, give us a call at (513) 771-4440 or contact us online today.

Custom Cut Glass: Waterjet Cutting

What is Waterjet Cutting?

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is fast, simple and reliable. It’s ideal for endless projects, like frameless shower enclosures, mirrors, cut-outs, signs, and more. Advanced software guides the waterjet to design and cut professional, quality glass in no time. Here’s a bit more on waterjet cutting and how it works.

What is Waterjet Cutting?

Waterjet machinery combines high-pressure water flow and an abrasive garnet to pierce through thick glass in a smooth, controlled way. Software technology allows you to design a template for the machine to follow, and in just minutes the glass can be cut into any shape or pattern desired.

Waterjet cutting can be applied to steel, aluminum, granite, or even softer materials such as rubber or foam. This technology is ideal for a wide range of materials because it does not require high temperatures. However, certain limitations apply. Factors such as thickness, treatment and hardness limit what materials can be cut with a waterjet cutter.

How Does it Work?

The initial piercing must have equal parts water and abrasive to prevent cracking, as simply cutting with high-pressure water will crack the glass. To prevent tension that leads to cracks, a design is often implemented to reduce the amount of piercing needed. With one pierce point and a continuous flow until the end, this effective strategy prevents the glass from cracking.

The bottom of the glass must also be supported by a softer material, like plywood. This prevents water from ricocheting back into the glass and frosting the bottom.

What are the Limitations?

Tempered glass is impossible to cut with waterjet cutting, due to the amount of stress already placed on the glass by its treatment. Cutting it will shatter the glass and render it unusable. Also, as mentioned earlier, equal parts abrasive and water must be administered at the initial piercing. Even a millisecond of pure water could risk cracking the glass or material.

You can expect to run through one pound of abrasive per minute, depending on the type and quality of abrasive administered, and the machine itself. Different abrasives can be used for different materials, which could offset the operation costs.

Ryan’s all-glass is the Perfect Addition

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Advice for Elevating Your Patio Design with Glass

4 Surprising Ways to Elevate Your Patio Design with Glass

stunning glass railing around patio pool

From breezy summer nights with loved ones to crisp fall mornings with a cup of coffee, your outdoor patio or deck should reflect the special moments you share with others. Here are a few ways to elevate your outdoor retreat with glass design features.

Glass Canopy

A canopy is a perfect way to gather friends and loved ones under a functional focal point. And glass is the ideal way to elevate this experience. Both attractive and practical, the addition of a glass canopy to your patio or deck can protect you from weather elements and the sun’s harmful rays without diminishing the natural light. If you already have an existing structure, glass can be added for a stylish update. Whether large or small, a glass canopy is a great way to make a sizeable impact on the look and feel of your outdoor retreat.

Colored Glass Brick

Implementing colored glass brick in your backyard or patio is a small way to pack a lot of detail and color into your outdoor retreat. Glass bricks can line walkways and offer a hint of color to the outside of your home. On a larger scale, glass brick walls can provide added privacy, segment sections of your patio, or enclose your outdoor shower.

To elevate the experience even more, some types of glass bricks can even light up. Illuminate your walkways at night and enjoy colorful and stylish evenings with friends and family.

An Outdoor Kitchen

In any space for entertaining, you need a special place to cook and mix drinks. An outdoor kitchen can be elevated with a glass backsplash, glass tables, or a glass bar countertop to create a visually appealing space for you and your guests. Bar top glass is thick, durable against weather elements, and easy to clean.

Glass Enclosure

The most common type of glass addition you see on a patio is the glass enclosure. This is typically in the form of panel glass guardrails around patio edges and pools. Glass enclosures can also be found enclosing outdoor showers or segmenting sections of a backyard. With glass, it’s easy to get creative.

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What’s the Difference Between a Flat Edge Polish and Pencil Edge Polish?

Flat Polished Edge vs. Pencil Polished Edge: What’s the Difference?

Pretty dining room with stunning glass table

The type of edge treatment you choose for your glass project has a direct effect on the look, style, and usability of your glass. Polished edges offer a refined glossy finish, but what’s the difference between different styles of polished edge treatments? In today’s blog, we dive into what sets a flat polished edge and a pencil polished edge apart, and we offer practical applications for each.

Flat Polished Edge

A flat polish is a straight edge treatment that offers clean lines, a sleek appearance, and a glossy finish. Most flat polish edge treatments also feature a 45° chamfer at the top and bottom edge, which softens the sharpness and offers an added design appeal. To achieve this beveled look and feel, glass is run along a belt to remove glass chips and smooth edges. This results in a polished, finished look that’s often displayed on frameless mirrors, elegant table tops, decorative cabinets, and more.

The appeal of a flat polished edge is largely due to its economical properties and showcase value. Because the glass edge is so simple and refined, it showcases the glass thickness beautifully.

Pencil Polished Edge

A pencil polish is a rounded edge treatment that’s typically found on glass protector tops. The term ‘pencil’ refers to the rounded glass finish of the edge radius, which is similar to the roundness of a pencil. This style of edge treatment is ideal for circular tables or furniture with rounded corners, as glass protector tops fit nicely on these. A pencil polish can often be found on mirrors, adding an aesthetic quality to the function and design.

One important benefit of a pencil edge polish is its safety. Since the edges are rounded, it’s difficult to injure yourself on the polished edge. When compared to flat edge polishes, the pencil polished treatment is the best choice for glass that will be placed in high traffic areas. And it looks great as well!

Custom Glass Types with Ryan’s all-glass

Flat polished edges and pencil polished edges are quite different, yet they both showcase your aesthetic style. If you want sharp looking style for your glass tabletop or mirror, talk with the pros at Ryan’s all-glass for expert advice.

From stunning frameless shower enclosures to intricate custom glass projects, there’s nothing our team can’t tackle. Call 513-771-4440 or browse our website for more glass inspirations. We look forward to hearing from you!